Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An apple day!

My mom and I spent almost the whole afternoon and evening working on apples.  We made many quarts of applesauce and juice, baked an apple crisp, and have 10 quarts of apple butter cooking down in the oven tonight.  Yes, the house smells nice tonight!   Mom (mostly) also took the strings off of a bunch of beans, cut them and blanched them, so they'll be ready to can tomorrow.  She also worked on laundry.....a never ending job.

The guys, well, amongst other things, they worked on one of the combines all morning.  Then, my dad finished cutting down the wheat up North.  The boys figured out how to get a GPS app on Andrew's Tablet and then went around the CRP ground with it to figure out if they'd cut the proper amount of acres yet.  They had to cut down about 12 more acres, so they spent the rest of the afternoon on that.  The all arrived home a little after 9:30 this evening and then we ate our supper.  And now it's time to get some rest so as to be ready for another busy day of life on the farm tomorrow.  :) 

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