Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An aromatic day!

On the main floor of the house, the aromas were fairly pleasant, with apples cooking everywhere. 

However, down below, pheeeeeuw!    Sewer troubles.  Yuck.   My dad called a guy to come clean the drainage pipes out, as our "Snake" wasn't long enough.  He also re-pumped our system while he was here, although we had just had that done about half a year ago.  There was a huge mess downstairs (in the old well-house mainly) where it had backed up, so the guys spent several hours getting that cleaned out.  We ladies were so thankful that it was a bit of a rainy day so the guys were home when this happened and they took charge of getting things flowing again!

There is really happy news too....   The Project Appleseed website has now (finally!) listed our 2 shoots, so anybody who wants to can go and pre-register to receive the discount and to be sure to have a spot on the shooting line.  :)  Please click HERE for more information.  Hooray!

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