Monday, August 13, 2012

ANOTHER car???

Mother and I tidied up the house a bit this morning, as Mom was getting a client at 10:00.  Then, we cut up apples for another batch of applesauce/juice and I boiled down another batch of pectin.  While Mom was doing the session, I went out to the garden and picked another half-pailful of green beans.  Then, I got cleaned up and headed over to spend another day caring for and enjoying "my" little girls. 

 I'm not sure what my dad and Jacob did today, but I'm sure it was another busy day on the farm for them.  I do know that my dad stacked up another bunch of straw bales for our rifle range. 

And then, there's Andrew.  He went to Bismarck, to take another delivery to the junk-yard, and then came home with, yes, ANOTHER car!  :)    Oh yes, also, some neighbors of ours brought over another vehicle for Andrew to work on.  I guess they've been waiting for another local fella to fix it for over a year, and didn't want to wait another year!

So, yes, it was another busy day on/off the farm, for which we give God another, no, make that: MANY thanks.  ;)

Until anoth......  ahhh, next time.

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