Sunday, August 26, 2012

The fun is over...

...for now.

It has been a great last couple of days, even if we don't have skin left on our elbows (slight exaggeration) and most of  the muscles in our arms are aching.   After 2 days of shooting, shooting, and yes, shooting, this afternoon, 2 of our friends (Thaddeaus and Sarena) made "Rifleman"!  There were 10 of us shooting the first day, and 8 the next (as the other 2 had other things they had to do today).  Some of the rest of us got very close as well.  I was pleased that my own shooting has improved so much since the first Appleseed I'd ever been to 3 years ago.  At that Appleseed shoot, I had made Marksman.  This time, I was shooting "Sharpshooter" pretty consistently and 1 time yesterday, I was 2 points short of making "Rifleman" and today I shot another AQT that was just 3 points short.  Maybe I'll make it in October at our 2nd shoot?  I'll let the rest of my family tell their stories.  Andrew didn't do any shooting, as he was helping with the instructing (and yes, he passed his test and now needs to learn how to teach the history).  My dad didn't shoot either, as he was too sore already from bouncing around in tractors and also baled some straw most of today.   

It was such a wonderful time, learning together, and in the evenings, we played VOLLEYBALL.  :)  Last night, we had enough people to have 9 on each team.  We played until it was way too dark to see anymore, and then some of us made music for a while after that and the others set up the tent for the instructors and the 2 friends they brought along to sleep in.  

It was sad saying goodbye to Alex and Kyle (our instructors), but hopefully they can both make it back on October 6th and 7th for more shooting and volleyball.  :)  This evening, Lauretta and Sarena's parents and siblings joined us for supper and visiting, then most of them had to leave, but Lauretta, Sarena and Thaddeaus stayed until 10:30, playing more volleyball.  Also, Andrew and Thaddeaus went up to Steele around 8:30, as Kyle was having pickup troubles, but he had just got it going again when they got there. 

So, that is a quick overview of the weekend.  One of Lauretta and Sarena's sisters stayed all day and took pictures, so we'll have a TON to share with you later....

Right now, I'm so tired I can't think straight, so I'll say goodnight.  I have to sleep fast as I'll be in charge of Helen's daycare tomorrow all day and have to be there by 8:00am.  So, goodnight!

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