Thursday, August 16, 2012

Working diligently with our hands...

It was a very busy day, once again.  

My mom and Andrew went to Bismarck to run errands; got more chickens from our friends (who we trade Organic grain with for them to raise their birds on and then we get frozen birds in return); and Andrew showed one of his vehicles to some people who were interested and who now want to buy it.
They also stopped at Royces' and bought some "Damaged" produce for half the price of the perfectly perfect fruit.  Peach jam is on the menu for tomorrow.

My dad and Jacob spent the morning loading up the white truck box with yet more scrap metal.  Dad hauled it to Bismarck then and Jacob helped me cut up some apples until he returned.  Then they went over and spent the rest of the day (until well past dark) baling CRP hay. 

I, consequently, had the house to myself most of the day.  I cut apples, and apples, and apples, and..... and cooked them and ground them up for applesauce, and canned the sauce and juice, and cut some more apples.....   I also did some reorganizing in the pantry so as to be able to fit the abundant harvest in there.  I went downstairs and hauled up a dish-washer-load full of canning jars and had the machine wash them so they'll be ready for peach-canning tomorrow. 

Oh yes,  I also preregistered for our Project Appleseed shooting event.  ;) 

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