Monday, August 6, 2012

The perfect moment for metal-selling!

My dad took another semi-load of steel up to Bismarck today and was quite happy to hear the news that the price of steel had gone up just 10 minutes before that---by  nearly 50 percent!!!  AND, we're thankful that the guys there were honest and told him about it and gave him that amount!  50 percent makes quite a difference in the size of the check!

Other than that, our day was very busy and hot.  My dad swung by one of the Hazelton fields on his way home and loaded up a load of straw to add to our rifle range.  The boys hauled bales in to the hay-yard this morning, and Jacob finished cutting down one of the wheat fields, after having troubles with the swather overheating several times...   I made another batch of apple pectin and may can it for later use, unless I decide to make some kind of jelly soon.  Mom and I cut up a sink-ful of apples and cooked them down for applesauce/juice.  Then, we went out to the garden and picked most of the green beans that were ripe.  Mom washed and took the ends off of the beans and I ran them through the "French bean maker" (which Andrew had to fix a couple times, and now it's broke again).  We didn't have time to get them canned, so I'll do that tomorrow while Mom's in Bismarck.  OH yes, the guys also fixed 3 flat tires today: 1 was on the swather transport; 1 on the 9030 tractor; and 1 on my car.   I made a quick trip to Napoleon after my tire was fixed (it had a tiny nail in it) and put money in the bank for my parents and myself and filled my car with gas, as it was nearly on "E".  

My dad talked to his brother this evening about anniversary plans for Grandpa and Grandma, as on September 3rd, they'll be celebrating 60 years together! 

Those were the most interesting parts of the day.  :)


Paula M said...

I learned quickly how to change a flat tire when I moved to the country. I had a flat tire almost weekly and my best time was 12 minutes. This is when I learned that on our roads you need retread tires (something to do with the ply?). So I can empathize. BE glad that you were home so the boys could do it for you.

Cora Beth said...

I am glad, Paula! :)