Sunday, August 19, 2012

More target practice...

This was a fun day! 

First, I did the morning chores and did the dishes from yesterday.  (OK, that part wasn't the part I'm calling fun.)  Then, I headed over and babysat "My" ever-changing little girls until supper time and enjoyed their cuteness.  My dad and brothers worked on grain-cleaners here at home and my Mom taught a health-class in Bismarck most of the day. 

This evening, my friends, Lauretta and Sarena and 2 more of their siblings came over for some target practice time.  Also, our friend, Tom came over and we all shot from around 7:00 until 10:15 or so.  Andrew had to get his Sheriff car to shine his spotlight on the targets toward the end.  :)  It was a lot of fun, and when it got cold, most of us ladies/girls huddled around under a big blanket and watched the others shoot their pistols and Tom's big, LOUD gun.  I can hardly wait for our Appleseed event to arrive!    

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