Monday, April 12, 2010


I know that's a boring title, but that's mostly what my day was spent on. My family was so kind as to do chores without me later so that I/we could sleep in a little longer. :)

When I got home at 5:00, I made bread and a pizza crust, and just when I was about to bake the crust, I looked out the kitchen window and happened to notice a bull walking down the side of the road. After notifying Dad, Mom and Jacob, I saw two more bulls in the ditch. Fun, fun! Bulls are definitely not my favorite animal to be working with..... We jumped in vehicles and got them in, only to have them walk over to the fence and crawl right through it again! Dad had fixed the fence in that spot a few days ago when one of them was out, but since then, the snow-pile that was in the fence-line has melted and the wires were sagging severely. So, Dad and I fixed that bit of fence (while 3 of the bulls that were still in the fence were having a head-pushing show down) and then we all went and got the bulls in AGAIN. Thankfully they stayed in the fence after that. The bulls that had been out were the young ones, so if they don't respect the fence now, I guess someone will have to take an electric fencer over there...........

It is really, really windy out now and it sounds like the house is going to blow over, but I don't think it will. :)

That was my day. I'm sure this day was very different for the other members of my family, but I'll leave them to tell you of their adventures as they have time.

Sweet dreams and God be with you~

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Rachel said...

Hi Sweetie! :D Oh, I've missed commenting on here! :) Sorry for my "long" absence of late. ;)

I am glad your classes are going well and that you are learning a lot! :D It sounds like it would be a friendly and nice place to work. :)

Ugh, those naughty bulls! ;) HeHe! Glad no one got hurt and that they got all back in safe and sound! ;)

But I didn't know you had some snow still...that seems so strange as it's been in the high 70's and low 80's here this week! ;) Lol! It always seems strange how people all over the country (and earth) have different temperatures and things going on with their weather than I do. :) Haha!

Love and Hugs my dear friend! :D Praying for you as you take in all this learning! ;) Hope you got a very good nights rest. :)

~Rachel P~