Thursday, April 22, 2010

Home again~

What a busy day this was...

After morning chores, Jacob and I went to repair more of the fence (the snow had pulled a lot of it down over the winter...). When we were about a third of a mile away from our farm, Jacob had turned the Ram off at a certain place in the fence that needed checking/fixing and, when he tried to turn it on again, it wouldn't start. He and I tried several things to try to get it to start, but all to no avail. Soooooo, we had a nice walk in the sunshine back to the farm. :)

When we got back, we walked out to check the apple trees we'd grafted and were so happy to see that some of the grafted limbs are starting to bud!!! It's still too early to say how many are going to take, but it's encouraging to see that at least a few did!

Around noon, we were surprised to see some big equipment driving up the road and then soon realized it was the railroad with some bigger machines to move rocks with. Jacob & I drove out to watch them for a few minutes (and to get some pictures which I'll post tomorrow). How nice it will be for my family to not have to drive around rock piles in the fields here anymore!

At 1:30pm, I headed for town. I worked until 10:30pm and learned so many things once again... I still feel lost there sometimes, but it's helpful to be learning who the residents are now and to be getting to know the staff better as well!

I pulled in our yard only a couple of minutes before my dad and Andrew got back from their grain cleaning jobs, so we were able to eat a late supper/snack together and unwind a little bit. And now, it's time for sleep once again.

"God makes our lives a medley of joy and tears,
hope and help, love and encouragement."


Kimberly said...

That's so exciting about the apple trees. Love hearing about your day, Cora. I'm looking forward to seeing those pictures.

Cora said...

About the grafted trees - sweet! I once grafted a branch onto rootstock. Then I lovingly planted it in a little pot with dirt... and forgot about it. It died. So much for this Cora the Farmer. :-/

Man, that was a long work shift! Was it 9 hours?

Are you feeling all better?


Hannah said...

I tagged you Cora :) I realize you are busy, but this is a fun short one!!!
Go here:

Looking forward to you doing it!

Cora Beth said...

Thank you ladies for your comments!

Yes, I'm feeling all better. :)

Actually, my shift is 8 hours, plus half an hour I figured in (on my post) for travelling and half an hour for a lunch break. Still, after almost 8 hours of standing and walking, I'm very much tired and ready for a good nights rest!