Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun day tomorrow! (and a fun tag!)

First, let me tell you quick about the tag I just received from Hannah... The rules are as follows:

Go to the forth folder in your photos and find the forth photo.
Post that photo on your post (no editin' no croppin' no nothin') and explain what the picture is. Then, tag four people.
...And so, here's the forth picture in my forth folder...
It is: A blurry picture of a flash of lightning.

The fifth picture in the folder was so much better, I just had to share it with you too! Aren't God's fireworks amazing???
As several of my blogging friends may wish to do this one, I'll just tag anyone who wishes to do this one. :)
Below are a couple of the pictures of the big rock-moving equipment that's been in our fields the last few days. They made a lot of progress today and it's neat to watch the view from our south windows gradually change. It's a very nice change!!!
There are 3 of these big trucks running all day--going down to Kintyre and dumping the rocks in a big pile for later use.

I'm really excited about tomorrow! After a few phone calls on my mom's part, plans were made for us to have a full house tomorrow, with around 15 people for the noon meal. The reason? Well, one of my/our friends in SD is graduating from her home school high-school tomorrow and Andrew and I really wanted to go. Mom called Mrs. Dagley to see if they'd have extra room in their vehicle for us to ride with, and they said they would, but some of the S. family's' children would also like to go, and could they stop at our place and the S. parents spend the day with my parents and Jacob, while the S. children rode with Andrew and I to join the Dagleys for the rest of the journey..... Then, Mom had a great idea and just invited the Dagleys and the S. family for the noon meal so we can all spend some time together as a group before we younger people and Mrs. Dagley head for SD. What a fun day it will be!!! When we get to the graduation, not only will we see dear RubyAnn who's graduating (and her family), but I'm hoping to see 2 of my other close friends who are also friends of RubyAnn. What a fun day it will be!!! (Have I said that before? :) )
I'm also happy because the three skirts I ordered came today in the mail, so I can wear one of them tomorrow! I'm not happy with one of the skirts, but I'll leave that for another post.....
Right now, I'd best get some sleep, as I think Andrew and I will get up and do chores in the morning as we won't be home to do them tomorrow night............... :)


Anonymous said...

we'll see you tomorrow then! or... i guess today by now! thanks for the interesting posts, Cora.

Cora Beth said...

Yes, Mikayla!!!
Today it is. :)
I can hardly wait for the sun to come up...........
Thanks for your recent comments and for your encouragment as I tested! I thought of your advice a couple times while sitting there looking at that computer screen.
See you soon,

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Good Morning Cora, :)
Those lightning pictures are so neat!
I hope you have a good day. We are going to the market.
So I must be of to milk the goats and cow...
thanks for the comment
I love you

Cora said...

The lightning pictures are so cool! We rarely see it here in the NW. Probably only a handful of times in my life. And the rock-movers are somethin' else! Wow! Hugue-mongous!

The second verse of "How Great Thou Art" is probably my favorite praise to the Lord ever.

I don't keep Sabbath in the normal sense. Not yet, at least. It's my day to think of the Jews (both past and present) and pray for the present Jews. The rest of my family probably does not know what "Shabbat" even is. ;-)

Have a blessed time with your guests!

P.S. Have I really only known you a month or two? Seems longer than that! :-D