Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cute animal pictures...

A friend of mine sent me a forward today full of cute baby animal pictures and I just had to share a few of them with you to put a smile on your face too! Enjoy~

This was my first day of spending a full 8 hours "On the floor" at the Care Center. I learned a lot and was able to start helping with some things. I made a list during chores and found that I know about 2/3 of the residents' first names now and remember most of the staff's names as well (the ones that I've met). Now I just need to learn the others' names, and then the last names, and then their likes and dislikes, and how much help they need, and when they takes naps and when they get up, and........ Thankfully, they're very gracious there and know that these things take time!
Exciting things have been happening at home too, I hear...
Two of the Bartletts came to join Dad in talking with a Senator friend of ours about home schooling (and then they also bought a steer from us to raise).
The railroad people have come and started clearing up our rock piles in the fields, as they need the rocks for building up a track about 4 miles away.
Many more new calves are popping out each day. I hear 4 of my cows had babies today! :)
Mom had a new client this afternoon here at home.
Andrew (mostly) and Dad still have lots of grain to clean.
And I'm sure much more has happened too that I'm not even aware of......
It is so wonderful to come back home again after being gone for what seems like a good part of the day. What a wonderful comfort home is!


Hannah said...

Awe! Those awe cute pictures!
baby animals they are so sweet. Daddy just went out to check on the little lamb because he heard it baaing. He came back in and told us that another sheep just had two more lambs. Of all places she had them in the chicken coop! So Grace woke David up and he got them all put up in the bard nicely. At least I think so, because I hear them coming in now!

Glad your day went well for you. How many people stay there at the Care Center? Are you working M-F?
Good Night~

Kimberly said...

I got those same pictures.

It really is nice to come home at the end of the day. It sounds like you have been very busy. How great that you are remembering the names like that. You will do so well at this job.

Dawn Bornemann said...

You are always welcome here, my love!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Hi Cora,
I hope that all is going well for you.
I am stopping by to tell you that I tagged you on my blog. It is a fun tag. :)

If you do this tag tell me when you are done so I can see yours.

Morse Family said...

Hello Cora!!

These are all so cute!! I love animal pictures!! One of my favorite animals is the Red Panda!! They are adorable!!