Saturday, April 17, 2010

The gophers were out...

...and so were we!

While we 3 younger Bornemanns were out tagging calves and checking cows this afternoon, we also went on a gopher hunt--one of our favorite pass times on a sunny spring day!

*Note. If you get squeamish at seeing pictures of blood and such, please skip down 3 pictures before continuing on!

Jacob got 3 gophers...

Andrew got 3 gophers...

and I got 1 gopher--THEE gopher that happens to be the first proof that I've actually got that I've shot a gopher dead. Maybe that Appleseed event last Fall really did help--or maybe it was the fact that Dad got my gun sighted in a bit better??? The boys said that I had to go get it because I shot it... Yuck! The cats really appreciated it later though.

Here's a picture of Crocus Hill, as we call it... I would have taken a better one, but the boys were anxious to go find more gophers. :)
Here's Andrew, tagging one of his new calves (he had 2 today)...
He got so tired of tagging that he needed a break, I guess, and sat down on his tame cow, Janie. :) She didn't mind!
Here's a picture of my favorite calf of the year so far... (Perhaps I'm biased, as he's mine, but isn't he the cutest thing you've seen all day?)
Andrew's other new baby...
Yesterday when I got home from town, I was surprised to see Andrew's grain cleaner out of the Quonset!!! It is nearly finished and what a day of rejoicing it will be when the guys pull it out of the yard to test it out at our neighbors' place!
Oh, and here's a picture of the railroad people loading up one of our rock piles... "Goodbye rocks! We won't be missing you."

Spring time is so busy, but is so much fun at the same time!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Cora. I especially liked the picture of Andrew sitting on his cow. Do you remember those black calves over at Pat's place. You children could practically sleep on them. :)
Happy Spring my dear,

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

What cute calves! Yours is very cute :)
Is that hill called crocus hill because crocuses grow on it? I am sure my brothers would really like to shoot those gofers with you all. I don't think it would be my thing to do though! I can hardly even get my self to
touch a gun. I am thinking of maybe trying to get a deer this fall. One of my friends goes hunting and she wants me and Hannah to sometime come with her.
I will have to practice target shooting before I even try to hit a live target!
Spring is such a nice time!

Kimberly said...

I love your spring posts with the pictures. (Glad you got your gopher.) Your babies sure are cute! I enjoy hearing about your life at the farm and at the care center.

Hannah said...

Shooting gophers sounds like fun :) We don't have too many around here though, our cats catch them when there are a couple.
My younger brothers have been getting starlings :) Enoch has shot quite a few.
We have a hill sort of like your Crocus hill. It is a little smaller. Enoch, Nathanael and I named it Sassy Mound. I don't remember how I came up with the name but it was when we were skiing up and down it. It is not a fast hill to ski down but it is really fun to put make a fly in the middle of it and it makes you shoot into the air a little ways and then when you get back on the ground you have to turn a curve :)
Your calf is very cute :) as are the others I think I like all little calves and big grown up ones too :)
Janie looks like she really is tame. I have never sat on any of our cows because I am always afraid they'll stand up really fast and I'll either fall off or get a wild ride! :D
Around here people sell field rocks. . . I was surprised that you all we so excited to get them taken away for free- is this because there is so many there that no one would want to buy them??
You sure have a huge pile of rocks. . . wow!
Okay, I need to go and get a breakfast on the table :) Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

The calves are adorable! So are the gophers, but seeing as they're pests, I can see why you shot a few. ; )