Thursday, April 1, 2010

Little boy blue, come blow your horn...

...the cow's in the water,

and the chicken's in the----flower bed?

It must indeed be Spring now! We've seen robins (pictured below); heard meadow larks; collected chicken eggs for incubating; and it rained today--complete with thunder and lightning. :)

This was a big day for our family farm, as my parents signed papers for refinancing the farm at lower interest rates, which will save us a lot of money! My dad thought up a good plan a couple months ago and now it's all finally come to pass... (I know that's very vague, but it would take quite a while to explain it.) To celebrate, my parents spent some money... :)

My dad brought home ingredients for root-beer floats (that's one of our favorite ways to celebrate a big event!)


Mother brought home 10 pretty Daffodils for our table centerpiece.

After enjoying a little family time, I headed over to our neighbors to watch the 3 little ones while their mama went to town to do her shopping. When she came back, she had bought me a beautiful gift--a rose bush with sweet little roses on it. :) I can hardly wait for the weather to warm up enough so I can plant it outside, although it WILL be nice to look at and smell until then! (Thank you again, Kristi!)
One more joy of the day... I just have to tell you that my mom's finger seemed a bit better today!

Thank you for your prayers for our family... Please let me know if there are specific ways I can be praying for you and your family too.



Rachel said...

Dear Cora

Hooray, my internet connection is working today and I can enjoy catching up on your blog posts!:)

I loved seeing the photos of your Grandma's treasures and also the ones of your room - it looks lovely and cosy!
Your inherited painting is so pretty - I agree that your Grandma should start painting again! :)

Glad your mom's finger is better!

The daffodils look lovely - Spring and daffodils just go together, no matter where in the world you are!

Hope to "visit" soon again!
God bless
Lots of love

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Yum! Root-beer floats I like those!
What a nice gift from your neighbor. I like roses!
I like the picture of the birds on the swing set.
I am so glad that you mother's finger is healing.
have a wonderful day dear Cora

Cora said...

OH! Those flowers are so beautiful! I love "daffy-down-dillies." :-)

When we were little, we always got rootbeer floats on Thursday nights if we got ALL of our schoolwork, essays, and projects for the week done by dinner.

I'm glad to hear you got the job at the nursing home! May God richly bless your hands and others through them. :-) You know, you may seem "odd" to the workers there, but... well... We're called to be a "peculiar people." So! Boldly stand out from the world and be noticed as a humble, modest, beautiful (inside and out) daughter of the King!

May the Lord give you the greatest of joy this Easter!

Hannah said...

:) *smile*
I like this post! The picture of the robins is so pretty! I have been enjoying watching them hop around our farm too!

Yummy! Root-beer floats! All of us felt like having those today but none of us got any :P
Mama and Daddy almost did because we have a small bottle of fancy root-beer in the fridge but on the last minute they decided they did not want to run down to the country store and pick up icecream :)
I hope we will have some soon though. . . maybe if we do well at the market tomorrow we can splurge a little . . . ? =D

Daffodils! Oh so pretty and springish! Ours our blooming beautifully right now and I am so enjoying them... I like calling them "daffy down dillies" like in The Secret Garden :)

Your little rose bush is lovely too. Do you have a spot picked out yet where you plan to plant them?
Well, it is late and tomorrow is market day. I still have to brush my teeth and then hop skip and jump to my bed :)

Good Night!
~Hannah Marie

Anonymous said...

What a fun post Cora! Especially loved the beginning! :D