Friday, April 30, 2010

Q. Do fish blink?

A. Most types do not--according to a couple articles I read on-line.

However, this evening, while attempting to get a good picture of my two Black Tipped Tetras, my camera displayed the following message on the screen after taking a picture:


So, who do I believe: the computer or my camera? :)

The following picture is a couple days old already, but I thought I'd post it anyway, as it's --interesting...

This is what our trampoline can look like after a bad wind storm!
Thankfully, Dad helped Mom, Jacob and I to get it straightened out again.
I spent most of my day babysitting at the Daycare I help out at occasionally. The lady who owns the Daycare had appointments in the city and asked if I could come watch the children for the day, so I cared for 8 children, ages 1-5 for 7 hours. It was pretty fun, as the children are pretty well behaved and know the routine of the day even better than I do.

And now, about the exciting part of our day...

Shortly after arriving home, my dad looked out the window and saw a chicken with several little balls of fluff scurrying behind and around her! The last couple of years, when a hen showed up with a new brood of chicks, we'd let her try to raise them, but have had very poor success, usually the ending result being that of one or two new additions to our flock of aging (laying)chickens. So, this year we've decided to take the chicks away right away and raise them ourselves, letting the hen go set on some more eggs if she so desires.

However, we weren't quite prepared for chicks yet, so their current abode is in our kitchen, under a heat lamp that's tied to a yard-stick. :)

Mother snapped this picture of Andrew and I bringing the chicks in out of the rain/hail...

Me, transporting 8 fluff-balls from the pail to the box...
(The box is their new home...)
What an exciting time of year Spring is!
Oh yes, I was also going to mention that we have another bottle-calf now, as one cow had twins today and didn't have enough milk for two babies. Now our other calf will have a romping companion. :)


Miss Jen said...

Oh... what JOY.
Just look at those little chicks...

Blessings~ Jen

Rachel said...

Dear Cora!

Yes Spring is an amazing month!We are well into Autumn on this side of the world but except for some cold weather last week, it's still warm and some of the leaves are only now starting to change colour.

ALL baby animals are so sweet! The chicks look so cute!:)

I had a good laugh at "fish blinking or not" :D

Keep well. God bless you and your family.

Rachel said...

Hello my dear! Coming over to see what's up with you at your house! ;) The blink things is sooo funny! :D LOLROF!!! I guess your camera is pretty smart. ;) HaHa!

I didn't remember you all had a fun! :D It doesn't look too safe the way it is in the pictures though...goodness, you all surely have had a lot of wind of late! Is it typically like that at this time of year?

Aww, the little chicks are darling! :D So sweet! :) At the university here in DE, they have a chick hatching program they do where you can take some eggs home and have them hatch in your home in a box with the lamp and all. We've had friends do that before, and it's so fun to hold the baby chicks. :)

Much Love,