Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quick post with the answer...

Well, Hannah guessed it right, although there's a little more explaining that goes behind this silly picture... If I'd posted this picture, I"m sure you'd all have guessed it was bread, but what you can see better in the other one is the little bread tunnel that was in one of our loaves this last time I baked bread. I'm not sure if it was because I tried making the bread without any salt this time (for Mother's sake), or if I got the water too warm and it rose too quickly, therefore making bubbles in the middle of all the bread loaves? It's been interesting making sandwhiches with bread like this!

I need to get to bed right away now, as I need to have my chores done, get cleaned up and be in town at 8:00 in the morning, as my CNA training is beginning then!!!

Andrew's in bed already, as he's getting up early to go cleaning all day once again.

Jacob's in bed already, as he's the hardest in our family to wake up and needs to get up at 6:00 with the rest of us to help with chores!

Dad and Mom are in bed already, as Mom was planning on making her usual run to Bismarck, but then bit into something really hard yesterday and thinks her tooth cracked, and so now she may need Dad to drive her to town to get a tooth pulled! Please be praying for her, as she's in a lot of pain--in spite of the clove oil; clove capsules; Tylenol and ice.......

I'd best get to bed~

PS. I really wanted to tell you first though that we got half the apple tree branches grafted onto the little crabapple trees today--which means that, if they all take, we'll have 20 wonderful apple trees as the results of our labors of this day!

PPS. There were 3 new calves today...


Anonymous said...

Hope your mother's tooth gets better - even without being pulled!
Other than that, this was a cute fun post Cora! I love posts like this that just give a little sample into the every-day events in individual lives :)
Sleep well my friend!



Miss Jen said...

I will be praying for your momma! :)

Many Blessings~ Jen