Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's going out tomorrow!

"It" being Andrew's grain cleaner!!! It still isn't quite finished, but is hopefully usable. Jacob and I helped Andrew most of the afternoon, as he's scheduled to clean at our neighbors' farm tomorrow morning and there were a bunch of odd jobs needing to be done. I learned several things while out there, but still was mainly lost in the guys' world...

I've been studying my CNA training book (my test is scheduled for Tuesday) in my spare time and consequently didn't have time to do much catching up in the land of on-line communication. Maybe life will slow down--sometime? :)

I'd best get some rest, as we're all getting up at 6 AM to get the chores done before Andrew and I leave on our separate exciting journeys.

May God be with you, and me~

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Anonymous said...

I hope your test goes well... I just got done with several tests in a short time- it feels soooo good to be done with them all! I'm sure you'll do very well. (: The advice I found to be most helpful when I took mine was to not overthink the questions- just pretty much go with your first instinct as long as it is within reason!
God Bless!