Sunday, April 11, 2010

More pictures from our trail ride...

I need to get to bed quick, but I've been loading these pictures while doing other things and thought I'd give them some quick captions and post them right away..... :)

Several of these pictures are ones that Mother took (I'm glad you had your camera along too, Mom!)

Ready to ride...

...but first, how about some food?

Hmmmm, so many choices!

Mother asked our waiter to take our picture, and he did! (This was when we couldn't take another bite...)

Then, we had to wear off our big meal! Jacob looks like he's ready to go...

I thought I was ready to go too, but soon realized I wasn't when my brakes weren't working correctly... (and no, Rachel, I didn't hit Andrew's bike tire hard enough to do anything but make everyone laugh! :) )

On the trail, we passed this statue of an eagle...
Much later, we crossed this little bridge... It was so fun to be out amongst God's amazing creations--the trees, fresh air, and green grass springing up everywhere!
Much later still, we drove around the back side of the zoo and saw a couple of camels eating their snack...
A little while later, we came to this part of the path where you could go under the interstate. There was water and ice inside, so we got off our bikes and walked through...
There are many more pictures I could share, but I think Mom wants to post some too, so will leave some for her too. :)
This afternoon, Mom and I finished up with our apple-grafting project. Now, if all goes well, we'll have 43 apple trees!!! Anybody need some apples in a few years?

I did the actual grafting and then Mom came behind and put stakes in beside the trees and tied them up for support...

Some of the trees... I think it will be many years until we have apples, but I guess you have to start somewhere!
And now, dear friends, I'll meet you/join you in dream land~


Rachel said...

Cora, thank you for sharing more photos of your bike trail - I've really enjoyed "sharing" the ride with you in pictures!

I hope that your mom's toothache will SOON be better.

Have a wonderful day and week
God bless

*~Virginia~* said...

hahaha, Looks like a lot of FUN!!!:-) And nice apple trees! My dad just finished grafting some of ours. They were Red Delicious and we're hoping to make them Honey Crisp now. ;-D
Its been awhile since I commented! Hope all's been well for you!!:-)
In Christ,
Virginia K.

Hannah said...

Thanks for posting the rest of the pictures Cora!
Hope all goes well with the apple trees!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Looks like so much fun!
I hope your apple grafting works out well.
Did you get other my comment yesterday?
I put two on the saturday post.

Anonymous said...

Trail Ride- What fun! I love trails but my two wheeler went to my two young boys- so I hike on foot trails just out back from us- there are numerous paths on this Blue Diamond Trail. Your family looks so good and should do this often, I suggest every week if possible... fresh air away from the "mundane" does one very good. Thanks for taking the time Miss SleepyHead.

Miss Jen said...

Oh~ what fun,dear! :)
I SO enjoyed the pictures!
Adventure trips are so fun!!! :)

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen