Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Need any wind?

The wind was so strong this morning that it required a lot of strength to get the house door open (not to let it bang into the side of the house) and closed and then to walk across the yard to the barn! Thankfully, it's gone down some now. I did go into town by way of the gravel road this time so as not to have to drive around the lake where the wind would surely be blowing the water and tree branches across the road again!

After morning chores were finished, my dad and brothers and I (Mom would have gone too, except she went to Bismarck) drove over to the little lake close by us to see how the railroad tracks going through the lake were fairing. The railroad crew have been using our rocks to try and build the track up there, but they still have a long ways to go. Here's a picture of some of the rocks and dirt they have in a pile down in Kintyre... (Please note: All that dirt was in the piles from when the former owners of our place pushed the rocks together into piles. We wish that the top-soil wouldn't be leaving our fields, but I guess it wasn't doing much good where it was at either and now we can get at the land below the piles.)
Here's what the water looked like on Goose Lake...
I just got home from work a little bit ago and found everyone in bed, so I guess I'll join them in dreamland now, so I can wake up when they do in the morning. :) My family let me sleep in this morning and they had the first batch of cows milked already before I got out to the barn!


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

That is a nice lake picture. That is to bad about the top soil, I am sure you can bring it back by planting cover crops and adding composted manure.

Christine said...

I will always take more wind: breezes, airstreams, gusts, squalls just about any current of air- as long as it is harmless, blameless and blesses! I delight in the soft gray hues of your last photograph. The cirrus clouds are admirable aren't they? Lovely Father who arrays our earth with beauty!

Cora said...

I like the picture of the lake! :) Around here, it's either no wind or trees are being knocked over left and right!

Do you work every night?

Hannah said...

We sometimes have door slammin' days too around here! But I love the wind! Today I was reading in the hayloft and it was SO windy it felt like the barn could have blown over (even though I know it wouldn't :) But it was not too chilly of a wind and it felt nice, although I think if it was just a tad warmer it would be perfect! I fell asleep while I was reading, so I don't think I was too uncomfortable! (We have an older barn so there are spaces between the board on the walls. That is why the wind blows though).

I like the picture of Goose Lake- so pretty! Is that the only lake in ND? Do you ever go swimming there? I love swimming in lake Michigan. I thin the only other of the great lakes that I have swam in is lake Superior. But lake Michigan is the closest to where we live.

You know the trail that we talk about on our blogs? It's the one that goes down to the little creek. . .
Well anyways, that trail goes all the way to ND, and today we were talking about walking to Prairie Days but we are not sure if we have enough time :)
I think it would be fun, but Grace said she would not want to walk that far :) what do you think? =D hahaha! The trail goes though the UP (that's what we Michigan people call the Upper Peninsula the "You Pea" and the people who live up there are Uppers (Youpers) I remember when some people from Oklahoma come to visit and Enoch and I said something about the "You Pea" and their boy goes "what's THAT????" It was funny!) Anyway, back on subject. . . The trail goes through the UP and David said he doesn't think it would be safe for Mama and I to walk through there by ourselves (Mama and I are the only ones brave enough to walk to ND right now :) because there are mountain lions, wolves, and bears. . . Hmmm... kinda scary???
I told Grace, well if I go, I'll get to meet Cora before you :)
Maybe we should both walk halfway and then it wouldn't be so far!! Are you up to it?
I don't know if I am =D!
Okay, nuf ramblin'
Even if we never ever meet, I am glad we can write back and forth over blogger. . .
You have been an encouragement to me Cora (especially through the winter doldrums!)
Love you my sister in the Lord! Good Night!
~Hannah Marie