Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the floor...

Today I finished up with most of my book-learning part of class and went out on "The floor" to observe the CNAs (Certified Nurse Assistants) working. Tomorrow I'll actually be starting to help them, and will do that for a few days before my test (on Tuesday). It's really helpful to see the actual cares being done instead of just reading about how to do them!

It was a little scary driving home today, as the wind was so strong that it was blowing water and debris across the road by the big lake. Thankfully though, the Lord (via the old faithful car) got me through safely!

When I made it home, I helped Mother make supper and then went down to the Quonset to see what improvements the guys made on the grain cleaner, and to call them for supper, as they'd never hear us calling from the door (as we usually do) in all the wind. When I got down there, Lady (my dog) was in there and she was apparently so happy to see me that she started making little howly noises that sounded like she was trying to talk. Jacob and I had a good laugh about that!

Tomorrow morning, I get to sleep in a little more than I have been, as I won't be going to town until 1:00PM and then will stay until 9:30PM...

On the home front, there've been a lot of new calves making their entrance into the world on our farm lately. :) There are also some new kittens to play with! I love Spring!!!


Miss Jen said...

Spring is so wonderful... :)

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I like spring too! It is so fresh
Glad that it is going well for you in class.
That wind sounds scary! But kind of neat
Awe little calves! they are so cute.
have a good day and drive safely :)

The Krahns said...

Don't you just love seeing the little calves running!