Friday, April 16, 2010

A tongue-twister!

Jacob thought up a really good tongue-twister in the barn the other night and he and I had fun trying to say it. Tonight, he asked Mom and Andrew to say it too and they got mixed up as well... Want to try it also?

Here it is:
Just simply say, "Shredded Swiss cheese" 10 times, as fast as you can. I'm guessing you'll have some "Swishhh trees" and such by the time you're done. :)

This was a busy day at the Napoleon Care Center... I forgot to take my lunch along too, so decided to eat a few pieces of toast (provided by NCC) with honey spread on it for my noon meal. :) I'm glad it's the weekend so we can all get rested up again!

I helped Andrew tag calves again tonight. (Not one of my favorite jobs, on account of the mothers often being pretty protective of their babies.) While we were out there, we decided to bring a small, skiny calf into the barn to feed, as we've not been able to find out who it belongs to and have force-fed it a couple times while waiting for someone to claim him. The calf seemed weak tonight, so we decided to just make it a bottle-calf! When I went in the pen to feed it during evening chores, it was wild and strong enough to charge me, but thankfully, a 60+ pound calf doesn't have enough ramming power to damage a person. :)

It seems like I have so much blog-reading and commenting to catch up on, and I'd like to start on that right away, but I think it wise to wait for the sun to shine again before proceeding...

So, until then, "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"


Anonymous said...

Wow that is really a tongue twister! Those are always fun! :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

HI Cora,
Hannah was told me about this tongue twister! It seems hard I will have to try saying it!
Thanks for the letter. I just got today. :)
~Grace @-> (that is a flower) :)

Hannah said...

I love tongue twisters :) funny name, but it's true :)
This was a good one and yes, I was saying something sort of like "Swishhh trees" hehe!
Thanks so much for your sweet letter.
You must really be savoring that maple sugar :) I was surprised you still had some left :) Nathanael said "They must put it on like salt!" :) hehe! It's yummy stuff I'm glad you like it :)
Oh and yes, I wish we could come to prairie days too. . . especially after looking at the dvd Andrew sent. It looks like alot of fun :) The thing is, right at that time is when we have to be getting all our hay in, and doing all the other busy farm/garden stuff. Our heifer is going to calve around then too and I think that would be a hefty amount of things to ask my sister and bro-in-love to do :) maybe some time we will though :) If the Lord wills :)
Good Night~
Hannah Marie

Cora Beth said...

Thanks for your comments ladies!

I'd have to say we are using the maple sugar very sparingly! We're treating it as a rare commodity--like gold or frankincense or.... :)

I understand about life being very busy during the summer months! It's very much that way here too.
I'm glad you have the DVD to enjoy it by long-distance. :)

Love you~