Saturday, April 3, 2010

Helping Grandpa and Grandma...

We spent most of our day helping our grandparents move into their new apartment. (Pictures to come at another time.) That involved everything from unloading the moving truck, to unpacking boxes and trying to figure out where things went. It was a busy (and not very restful) day, but it was a good feeling to help our relatives.

Hopefully we can sleep in a little bit in the morning.....? :)


Miss Jen said...

Looking forward to seeing pics! :)
Blessings on your weekend.

Love~ Jen

Hannah said...

Being with grandparents whether to help them with something or just for a visit is always so nice!
Looking forward to seeing pictures (I love pictures you know :)
Oh and I can't wait 'till this weekend when you pick a winner!!! I want to have a giveaway so bad but I don't have anything yet that anyone would want :)
I think I'll end up making something. . . maybe for my first year of blogging which is in August, so I have time!

*Star* said...

Gute Nacht meine Freunde Cora!
Ich müssen entspringen morgen früh und fahrt hinein Stadt.

*Star* said...

Don't laugh! I was only trying my best at writing a comment in German!
This is what I was trying to say:

"Good Night Cora! I have to arise early to drive to town.

I think (hope!) that is what I wrote :)
Tomorrow my sisters and I plan on driving into town and doing some shopping and a little picnic together down my the lake. It should be fun :)

Hannah said...

And then after I wrote the two above comments I realize I was writing them with my other google account :P
Star is the pen name I have on my blog that I use to test out different photoblog templates. I am trying to find a template I like for photos, but I don't like to do all the testing on my regular blog :)

Cora Beth said...

Gute Nacht meine Freunde Hannah!!! (I didn't laugh--too much. :) )
I'm currently working on a pictureful post, and it's fun to look through all the pictures that Mom took...
Oh, those 5 just loaded... Time to get the next batch going. :)
I'll be over to visit your blog soon--hopefully!
Love you and sweet dreams~

Hannah said...

Well I will have to wait until tomorrow to look at your picture post because it was NOT just a few minutes ago when Grace said "Hannah, if you want to get up early and go tomorrow, you better get in bed!"
Sweet dreams to you also!
Love you!
Your little sis' in Christ,