Saturday, April 10, 2010

We went on a bike ride... We went on a big one!

My parents planned a fun day for our family this morning--one of those days that you just get away from the work that's staring you in the face and have a nice family time.

First, we went out to eat at our favorite buffet, and then Dad drove us to a park that had a really nice bike trail. The guys unloaded the bikes and we took off on a journey that would take us a little over 5 miles.

We took a small detour and went over the big bridge into Mandan, and then turned around and came back... We'd never been on the bridge before in anything other than a fast moving vehicle, so it was fun to stand in the middle and watch the water slowly go by.....

Bike riding was a lot of fun, but some of us were plenty ready to get back to the pickup to rest our achy muscles! (The picture below is of the pink bike my parents bought for me many years ago. It needed some tire-patch help this morning, but then it rode like a dream--except for the time today when the front brake handle was turned a bit so that it didn't work and I ran into Andrew's back tire because I couldn't stop and thought I could! He fixed that for me promptly...)
Mom and I both had our cameras along and took lots of pictures. For tonight, I'll just post 5 pictures and maybe there will be time tomorrow to post a few more.

It was a truly lovely day--one that we'll remember for a long time I'm sure! I hope your day was just as pleasant~


Kimberly said...

It looks like such a nice way to spend a Sabbath day. I love Bismark/Mandan and the river. It is so beautiful there. One of my favorite places to camp is Fort Lincoln State Park.

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a pleasant time together.
I like bike rides. The only thing is we don't all have bikes, so it is usually just Enoch, Nathanael and I.
I have never went on a bike trail before like that, but we do have one that is not too far from us. We usually just go on the dirt roads around here. It's fun :)!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
Thanks for sharing about our special Sabbath day together. I was just too tired to do so and you have such a lovely way of capturing a moment with words. :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I put some pictures of the kid on my blog.. just to let you know!

Rachel said...

Dear Cora!
What pretty pics How wonderful it must have been I love bike riding!

Goodness I hope Andrew didn't fall off his bike!!

Would love to see more pics!

God bless
love you lots

Kyrie said...

Sounds like y'all had a really enjoyable day - I love those, where you just 'get away' for a while and recharge your batteries :)!



Anonymous said...

Hi Cora,
What a fun day! We like to ride bikes as a family, as well (except it takes forever to pump up everyone's tires). Personally I like eating out as a family more than biking as a family...but don't tell!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I did a slight blog renovation and changed my name from "Damsel in Distress" to "Damsel in Delight" (it better suits my blog).