Monday, April 5, 2010

We were all gone--at one time or another!

Today was one of those run around type of days for our family...

Papa went to get hay this morning, and later went down to Titan to see if they had a bearing he needed, which they didn't. Later still, some friends came to pick up some grain dad had brought back for them from another farmer who he'd cleaned for... In between all that, he did some welding on things for Andrew's cleaner and checked the cows. (Three new calves today.)

Mother and Jacob went to Eureka to pick up the rest of the things that had our names on it, mostly big things like a table; some chairs; large garbage cans; and a flower pot... I was surprised to hear that Jacob drove about half the time! Good job, brother. :)
The main reason they went South though was to snip off the small branches (new growth last year) from two of Grandpa D's apple trees, as we want to graft them onto our crabapple trees. This has to be done this year, as next year, the trees may belong to someone else if Grandpa decides to sell his place, or worse still, they may be cut down... :( The apples from those trees are absolutely delicious (some of our neighbors have even bought apples from us, as they liked them so much.) We really don't want to loose our good apple supply, so hopefully a lot of the grafts we will make will take. We've never done this before, so if any of you have suggestions before tomorrow afternoon when we'll be doing it, help would be appreciated. I did find a good article on-line that looked helpful, and Mom talked to an apple man about how to do it several years ago, but it's still nice to hear tips and tricks that others have learned through experience!

Andrew spent his whole day cleaning grain for a farmer by Strasburg. He got home around 10:00PM and still has more to do for that farmer tomorrow.

I did lots of little things that needed doing around the house, such as: doing a water change in my aquarium again; washing off and disinfecting our little Styrofoam incubator we plan to fill up with chicken eggs tomorrow; putting weather stripping up around the entryway door and on the patio door to help keep the majority of the farm flies outside this year; making spicy walnuts; doing laundry; skimming off cream from the top of the milk pails I'd saved a few days ago for that purpose; getting a roast boiling for making into BBQs for supper; and then I went and babysat for a couple hours. The tastiest part of the day was when my family and I all split the piece of cheesecake our neighbor had given me to try. It was SOOO good! I'm going to try to get her recipe the next time I'm over there!

After all that busyness, we all ended up in the same living room for family prayer time this evening. How nice it is to be a part of a family!

Oh, how could I forget? Somewhere in all that, I took a mystery picture to share with you all! I'm undecided if this is a hard picture or not, but as it's of an unusual form of a common thing, it may be difficult?

Please leave your guess in a comment and I'll wait to post those comments until tomorrow night. Happy guessing~


Hannah said...

Is it bread?
That is what it looks like to me.

Enoch said...

Some type of a nut, maybe a chestnut?
This one got me stumped.

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Walnut shell?