Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gretel and Hansel...

What a nice rainy day this has been!

My parents decided to go to Eureka to visit my grandpa and have a long talk with him about where to go from here in regards to his house and possessions (he's now living in an assisted living building and plans to stay there.) Dad and Mom also decided to go out to eat, so we children did evening chores without them so they could enjoy the evening without paying attention to what time it was...

After morning chores were nearly finished, my dad, Andrew and I got my heifer, Gretel in the barn, as she was calving and looked like she may have trouble. While Dad was finishing feeding cows, Andrew and I decided to pull the calf, as Gretel wasn't getting it done and was making a lot of noise....... It looked like one foot might be back, but Andrew found it was there, just bent back a little. It didn't take much pulling to get Hansel out into the world. Both mama and baby were doing really good tonight.

My brothers and I spent the rest of the day (after showers; lunch; and listening to a message by Dr. S. M. Davis) in doing things we enjoy, such as getting caught up a little bit on reading blogs; the boys drove their RC cars (slowly) inside; Andrew worked on movie-editing; I played about 20 songs on the piano; and we watched a couple movies together.

And now, we're all ready for another full week, doing the things that God has for us to do!


Cora said...

Not to be competitive, but I think my late beats your late. Good morning! ;-)

So far I VERY much approve of your naming style. Gretel is ace!

I work retail at a local store. The dress code is very strict. While I would be allowed to wear skirts (which I find more modest than the slacks), the job involves climbing high ladders. So the managers strongly advise that ladies not wear skirts.


Anonymous said...

I would have been delighted to be there to enjoy your piano solos.

Kimberly said...

Sounds like you had a great day of rest. Wow, your photo of the trampoline beats what ours looked like after the wind. I loved the picture of you and Andrew walking in the rain. The baby chicks are cute too.

Rachel said...

I am glad your cow had a safe delivery! :) Yeah! :D

Aww, how nice for your parents to spend some time together. My parents like to do that sometimes as well. :)

It sounds like you and your brothers had an enjoyable day/afternoon! Oooh, playing the piano sound like so much fun! I need to get dad to work on ours. ;) I miss playing. I am not to good yet, still beginner I guess (can't use the pedals). But I did so enjoy playing. :) It's such a relaxing and peaceful thing to do! :D

Which Dr. S.M. Davis did you listen to? :) We like them as well. ;)

I hope you had a blessed Sunday my dear! :D Love and Hugs to you! :D

The Krahns said...

Movie editing? Is your brother making a movie?

Cora Beth said...

Krahn family~
He sure would like to some day, but the movie he was editing was of the graduation we attended recently. He'll put different parts together and include pictures on a DVD and then give a copy to RubyAnn's family and whomever else wants one... :)