Thursday, May 6, 2010

A surprise~

Andrew had a pleasant surprise waiting for him in the barn this evening....

Want to guess what it was???

Here's a hint:

One is white.
The other is brown and white.

I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow and share them with you. :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Baby goats?

Hannah said...

Hmm. . . that could be many things.
It could be:


Why am I thinking everything baby?
Okay, it could be


Right? Those could all be white and brown and white--can they not?
I'll go for calves.

Anonymous said...

twin calves.

Cora said...

*waves hand* I know what they are! (at least, if they're the same as what you told me last night)

Btw, I read that as a "one duckling and one doeling," and I was like, "Umm... Cora? A duckling?"

My wisdom teeth didn't come in at all! Contrary to what my dear brothers say, the dentist says I don't have a big mouth. If said teeth had come in, it would have torn up my whole mouth. So they had to surgically remove them.

Thank you so much, my sweet friend!

Hannah said...

Grace told me to tell you I am working on a post right now. I don't know why she told me to tell you, but she did and I am.
Sorry, Grace and I are having a midnight+time.

Grace says:
This is the reason why,
Cora you need to go on Hannah's blog she's doing a post and I don't think it would be fair if I find a comment in the morning (from you) and she doesn't. No hard feelings if she doesn't.

Hannah says,
Awe :) don't I have such a sweet sister!
I wonder how she knows I won't have hard feelings if I don't get a comment. I think she is tired I think I am too.

Cora Beth said...

That is so funny about the DUCKling! Sometimes I do get my words/thoughts mixed up, but I do definitely know that goats do not give birth to ducklings!!! :)

Hannah (and Grace)~
You two have such a great way of putting a smile on my face! :) Thanks for sharing... I did actually leave you a little tiny comment, Hannah, before I checked my e-mails and read this comment from you, so you can let Grace know that she can rest easy because I wasn't leaving her a comment and not you and all is well. :)

Sleep tight and don't giggle too awful late....