Monday, May 17, 2010

This was the busiest day yet--

--at the nursing home! The lady I was working with said too that this was one of the busiest shifts she's ever had. It seemed like everyone needed something or other--all at the same time.... Thankfully, the ladies working on the other end came and helped C. and I get caught up (we had the hard end) and we finished up with everything with 3 minutes to spare.

I am so tired tonight, but thought I'd give a quick family update:

Mom wished to work in the garden today, so I tilled up a good-sized spot before going to town, (and made a batch of bread...).

As Andrew is spending the nights at our organic farming friends' house while he's working for them, and since I was not home for evening chores and Jacob wasn't feeling well and Dad was feeding cows, Mother milked Sally tonight (we milk her by hand now). She said it went really well.

My dad did the last grain-cleaning job of the season this afternoon, so now we can concentrate more on getting our seeds in the ground...

A little birdie told me that I'll be picking rocks tomorrow. Want to come join me? :)

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Hannah said...

You must have been quite busy and tired last evening also, you are always so faithful to your journal :) I was surprised not to see a post-- but I know how that goes I have skipped a day or two a few times. . .
Hope all goes well for you today...