Friday, May 28, 2010

Need some rhubarb?

I went over to harvest some for a dessert for supper and found that our little patch had grown considerably since we had all that rain! It actually looked like a small jungle until I cut all the seed heads off (prior to taking this picture)...

As I received a comment today with a request for more pictures with my posts, I decided to snap some photos on this sunny, windy day---AND to post them!

Here is my faithful guard dog, roaming through the tall grass across the road while I was getting the rhubarb...
Jacob and I mowed lawn this morning and now things look neat and tidy again... Aren't those clouds and blue sky, and the contrast of the green grass beautiful? I love spring time!

While Jacob and I were doing things at home, my parents and Andrew were attending the funeral of the mother (Rose) of the farmer (Dave) Andrew helped recently. He got to know Rose pretty well, as Dave (who lives out of state) and Andrew stayed at her house and she cooked for them that whole week that Andrew was working there. My parents knew Rose some and my Dad knows Dave pretty well, so they went to show support for Dave.
Rose was the loving mother of 15 children--and, I'm sure, a friend to many. Her death was sudden and I know she will be very much missed...

Our afternoon was spent in doing various things... We ladies cleaned the house and worked some more on switching our winter/summer clothes around. (We're REALLY enjoying our new washing machine!!!!! The wind is great for drying the clothes quickly on the wash-line too, as long as you can get enough clothes-pins on the articles of clothing to keep them there that long!)
I planted 3 more beds in the garden and the boys got the lawn-tractor-mounted-tiller mounted onto the lawn-mower and tried it out. Andrew also worked in the field for a while and Dad finished planting the corn seed that we had here. I picked the last two tulips that were blooming across the road and also cut a fresh bouquet of lilacs for the table... We had a late supper and then sat in the living room and visited for quite a while and watched the fish and snails enjoy their water life.....

And now, it's bed-time once again. I'm glad we're staying home tomorrow and we can all sleep in in the morning. :)

Have a happy weekend,
Yours truly~

~Wind-swept me--after getting in from out-door activities.~


Hannah said...

Well I am glad you got that comment because I really enjoyed these pictures Cora :)

That rhubarb looks really yummy! How long have you had that patch? We have had ours for about 4 years so it is still getting bigger.

Your faithful guard dog is so cute in that tall grass :)

Mowing lawns is so fun :) We don't really mow ours. I guess we could cut it with David's scythe but it doesn't really look that bad.

I like the picture of wind-swept you :) Your shirt is so pretty!

Okay, I really must be off. We are on our way out to a market and I need to get the computer in it's case. Every time I pack up the computer I wish we had a case for a macbook. Instead we use our old Dell case. Daddy said we should write Mac or Apple on it :P


Kyrie said...

I really enjoyed this post Cora - I liked all the beautiful pictures of your Spring! It's getting /very/ much like Summer down here though. Course, I'm hot natured, so if it gets much above 60 F, I'm ready for a nice cool breeze. Mom and Trissy are cold natured though, and like the warm weather - figures ;)
Thank you for the sweet comment! I hope your chicks didn't suffer any long-term ill effects from their exposure! :) I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts lately - truthfully, I'm not even getting to /read/ them much. It seems like I have even less 'blogging time' now that summer is here than when I was in school! :( I certainly do hope we can keep in touch though - I enjoy reading your blog so much! :)
Would you maybe post the recipe for the desert you made using rhubarb? We don't have any growing right now, but I like collecting interesting recipes, and I might get to try it sometime.
Ok, I'm going to run for now, I see you've got some new posts I'd like to read before I get off.



*~Virginia~* said...

YES, we'll take your Rhubarb!!!!!! :D We got 150 lb's of it from a local farmer to give to our CSA's this week. :D
we can only grow about 20 lb's...:D