Sunday, May 30, 2010

A fun day away~

Mother, the boys and I (Dad decided to stay home and get some more hay and work on things at home) were able to go to our friend, Angelica's graduation this morning and were blessed by the service--especially by the lessons her pastor had to share. He told a wonderful story of sharing God's love with EVERYONE and had many good insights.

I tried taking pictures of Angelica during the ceremony, but they all turned out too dark. I'm hoping Mother was able to get some good ones...

This was Angelica's table at the reception: It was fun to see pictures of when she and her older brother were little and to remember some special times spent together back in those days. We would get together for music lessons--Angelica and her mother started me on violin playing; Angelica's brother Stephan would show Andrew some about the saxophone; and then my mom would teach singing to them in return. We had such fun learning how to read notes together (Mom taught Andrew, Jacob and I how to read music at the same time) and I still remember the hours we spent working on learning the different parts for the hymn, "Trust and Obey". :)

At the graduation, we were able to see other friends as well, so that was special. (I believe Mom got pictures of that as well, Ellen, so I'll try to share them when her pictures are imported--or maybe she'll have time to post soon too...? It was great to see you and Clifford again!)

Once we were done visiting and eating there, we went shopping for some supplies Mother needed for her new office yet and then went to her new place. I had not seen it yet, so I was very curious what it would be like! Here's the back-side of the building--it's shorter to get to her office from the back than it is from the front-side.
For a while, we had a real mess going, but by the time we left a few hours later, things were much more in order. :)

We picked out these chairs today at Sams... Mother was able to find the desk for a really great price on BisMan ($20!), and after some applications of Danish Oil and elbow-grease, it looks in pretty good shape--if I do say so myself!
The table and the bright orange pillowcases... :)
My mom's renting just one room in the building, but wanted a waiting room of sorts, so she found these really pretty room-dividers on-line for a good price also and they "Just so happen" to match perfectly with the blinds that are in the office window! :) Here's the waiting room...
There are still many fun things to add--decorations and things, but her room is at least in usable condition now. Good thing too, as she has clients coming on Tuesday! Mother still plans to only go to Bismarck once a week (even though she can have full use of the office--not like before in the other office that she shared with 4 other ladies), but she's soooooo happy to have a place of her own.
When all the work was done, Mother bought some ice cream and sherbet bars to celebrate. We ate several of them and then wrapped the rest in our coats to keep them cold until we got home and could share the rest with Dad at supper.
It is raining again. I wonder if we'll get the rest of our garden and fields planted before June???????????


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Orange and black look very nice together!
I am glad you all had a fine day!
well I better get to bed

Kimberly said...

It's a lovely office. I like the colors and the furniture she found.

Miss Jen said...

Oh~ how fun!
Graduations are oh, so delightful!

Many Blessings~ Miss Jen

Cora said...

Wait, are you people haying or was your dad just buying hay? I'm about to be totally shocked that someone hays before the end of June. I don't think we've EVER hayed before then, even on nice weather years! (and this is definitely NOT a nice weather year)

I'm curious about your mom's practice. I read about Reiki, but I must be missing something. Seemed from my Google search that it was a mixture of using the Force from Star Wars and Yoga stuff, so I decided there was no way I was gonna figure it out all by mahself. ;-) Anyway, her office is lovely!

Have a lovely day!