Sunday, May 23, 2010

Before and after pictures...

Before I begin on the "Before and after" pictures, I just wanted to share this one of the bouquet of lilacs that are on our table... They smell so very sweet--nearly good enough to eat!

Now for the pictures...

I'm sure the boys will want to post about the purchase of the morning, but as I have a before they worked on it, and an after one, I wanted to share them here.

Here's the before picture, taken at someone else's farm:

...and here's the after picture, by our shop: :)
Mother was taking a class in town most of the day, so that left the big kitchen clean-up to me this afternoon. On Sabbaths, we do not do any dishes, so Sundays are always big clean-up days in the kitchen.

So, here's the before picture:

...and here's the hour-and-a-half later picture:

The lawn in our "Park" needed mowing, as the grass was already 5-6 inches tall after growing for one week!
After: (Taken much later in the day, that's why the grass looks so dark).
Then too, there were the chicks that needed moving out of doors. (This is an older picture... We've since lost the black one for some unknown reason.)
Before--in the kitchen:

After--inside of a stock tank my dad cut the bottom out of today and that I put a rack on top of, so the cats and other critters stay out and the chickies stay in:
Oh, and this picture is a "Before" picture--before our cat, Mixie has her kittens: (I'll try to remember to post an after picture, if I can find the babies when they're born. She usually hides them pretty well!)
I hope you enjoyed a view into our day... :)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed it very much! You did great on the kitchen! Our kitchen is pretty messy to on sundays. That is because we usually don't always do our dishes on friday evening and then on saturday we go to market. So sunday morning we have a load. But then sometimes one of us might just clean it up and get the dishes done before the market and then when we come home the kitchen is nice and clean. I like your park. I can't look at it with out wishing I could be in it!
The Lilacs are beautiful!

Kimberly said...

I, too, enjoyed a view into your day and all the pictures. Wow! You did good in getting the kitchen cleaned in that amount of time. I always feel better once my kitchen is put in order. What a good idea to use the tank for the baby chicks. I look forward to seeing those baby kittens. I wish I would have thought to take pictures of Whitney's cat's kittens on Sabbath. They sure are cute. Thanks for keeping up your blog even in your busyness!

Hannah said...

What a fun post!
Like Grace said, our kitchen gets messy on Sunday too. I like it so much when it gets all clean-like don't you? It makes me want to cook and bake!
Looks like your brothers are going to have fun with their new purchase :) I like the dog standing in the before picture of the 4-wheeler. I am pretty much the only one in our family who likes pittbulls and boxers. Well, Daddy does like boxers a little. But yeah, a brindled dog is my "dream dog" :)
Your park makes me want to come for a swing on one of those HUGE swings or a turn on the merry-go-round or a tip on the teeter-totter :)

David is trying to hatch out some eggs. For some reason though, they are not hatching as well as they did last year. I'm not sure why.

I need to post some pictures of my kittens. They are getting bigger and *so cute* too :)

I did enjoy a little view in your day :)