Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When I came home...

I saw this in our field:
And it reminded me of this movie:
(I know I posted this on my blog a long time ago, but I like it so well and want my more recent readers to be able to enjoy it too!)

I enjoyed helping the DRH today and am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow morning. The only part I don't like is the getting up at 5:30AM, but if I get to bed now, that won't be so bad either. :)

So, off I go~


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Dear Cora,
I am glad you had an enjoyable day.
I will have to watch this tomorrow because I am very tired. I really should not be up this late. But I HAD to do a post. I don't always get to do one. Because Mama does one in the morning, David and Hannah do theirs in the late evening. So that gives me time to do it when?... Very late or not at all. But that is ok I don't really want blogging to consume my time.
I moved my room because it was getting so stuffed in the room upstairs. I am still not quite finished. I have things that I want to go through and get rid of. I moved my room into the little house right next to our big farm house. It has been alot of fun setting it up. I want to set up a table and chairs so that me and hannah can have tea parties with others.
Ok, I must get to bed.
So goodnight and sweet dreams to you my dear friend.

Hannah said...

I'll have to watch this tomorrow =D ha! Me and Grace said the same thing!
I'm glad you are keeping busy with your job but I miss your regular comments :) but of course that makes the ones on the weekends so very special :)
Good Night dear!
~Hannah Marie <--O
(that last little this after my middle name is my last name. My friend and I made it up when we were chatting over gmail. Can you figure it out?)

Cora Beth said...

Dear sisters~
Thank you both for your sweet comments on my little post. :)
I have a little bit of good news for you... Tomorrow is my last day of training on the job, which means that I'll be put on as a regular, which means I'm scheduled now for my requested hours, which was 24 hours a week (3 8-hour shifts). This means that I'll be home more and should have a little more time for commenting again. ;)

Oh, Hannah, I'm pretty sure this: <--0 is a flower with petals? Cute idea!

Well, I need to make sure my parents' supper is warm, as my dad just got back from cleaning grain a few minutes ago and my mom should be getting back from her weekly trip to Bismarck very soon.

Thanks again for your faithful commenting!

Hannah said...

Oh, my! I have I really been a faithful commenter? It seems as though I have been slacking :)
Yes, that is a flower :)
~Hannah <--O