Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quick post...

We're in the middle of a game of Rook, but Dad got a phone call, so the game is paused and I thought I'd take advantage of the few moments I have now to post. :)

Last night, I got home from working in town and shortly after, sat down around 11:00 to do my daily post, when I found that the power had gone off here while I was away, thus terminating our Internet router functionability, meaning that I could not post without getting Andrew up to fix the problem, which I chose not to do, and instead went to bed. (How's that for a long sentence?)

This day was busy, busy, busy, even though we weren't able to work in the fields or the garden (because of the 4+ inches of rain we've received in the last few days). This morning, I rode over in the semi with my dad to the land we rent (about 25 miles from our farm) to get a load of hay. My dad can do this chore himself, but he wanted someone to drive the tractor back home once we were done, so I was along to help with that. Jacob usually does that, but he said he'd rather do chores this time instead, so I went along. It was a slow drive home (that tractor goes about 20 MPH), so I had lots of time to observe the scenery and to sing... :)

When we got back, Mother said the washing machine was not working right, so Dad investigated and, after a while of trying to fix it, he declared it "Dead". Sooooo, now a washing machine is on the list of things to get in Bismarck tomorrow.

Another thing on the list is to deliver (to a junk yard that buys the stuff) the load of scrap metal we loaded up all afternoon! This is something we've talked of doing for years, but just never have done it. I helped the guys some with rolling up old chains and tying them together and picking up pieces that were declared as "Junk" and throwing them into the truck box. With the money we get from the metal, my dad wants to buy some lumber and plywood to finish up the garden shed we're building--to store more valuable "Junk" in. :)

Mother made Kombucha again today and also had the boys get down the Summer clothes from the attic and started the big job of changing clothes around. She also brewed up some spicy tea (she needs to drink hot, spicy things to maintain her health)--with lots of ginger in it. I almost was able to drink my whole cupful down......

Well, it sounds like it's time to get back to our game, so I'll wish you all a good night and be off.

~Sweet dreams~

PS. Here's a mystery picture, of sorts...


(You may be able to click on the picture to enlarge it...)


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

I cant figure out what is wrong with the picture. It does look a little fuzzy though. I looks to me like it was taken through a screened window.... Oh My!... I looked at it again and it looks like Andrew has two heads is that how he looked that day? Or is that the second head that he uses when he is working on something? Maybe it is not a head at all but it sure looks like it! I was not able to click on the picture to enlarge it. Okay I better get to bed before I start getting silly...
Glad you had a great day. (I did too)

Rachel said...

I would have loved to have joined you on the tractor ride, Cora! :)
God bless and lots of love,

Hannah said...

This is a funny mystery picture Cora :)
Before I saw it, Nathanael said something that gave away what is wrong with it. I heard him say "Why is there two Andrew heads?" Then he burst out laughing and went to get ready for his day. So now when I looked at it I saw the two heads right away :D
I'm thinking you used the panorama setting on your camera? What gave that away to me, was the size of the picture. The way it is short and long :)
Anyway, that is my guess!

Cora Beth said...

Yes, Andrew has two heads! That's why he's so smart--two heads are better than one, you know. :)

Hannah guessed "Why" correctly. As I was moving my camera to the right for the next shot in my panoramic photo, Andrew obviously moved his head and got it in the next picture as well!

The Krahns said...

They say in days past when they took those long panorama pictures, like 60 years ago, it went so slow that people on one end would run to the other end of the picture and be in it twice, or even three times. A relative has a large group shot like that with some people in it twice. I guess that's kinda what your brother did. We got about two inches of rain and sure enjoyed the long, long thunderstorm for the hours it lasted. We also have talked for years about selling scrap metal and my husband just sold a pickup load about a week ago. The prices are up so it's a good time and you know how around a farm metal seems to be everywhere! Our whole family enjoys your blog!