Sunday, May 2, 2010

Long evening...

For some reason, I was tired most of the day, so 10:30 seemed like a long time in coming while at the nursing home.... Some of you have asked how often I work at the care center and, as I don't remember if I've answered all your individual questions or not, I just thought I'd say here that I plan to work there 3-4 days a week. Currently, because I'm still in training (just this week yet,) I've been working there almost every day. I'm enjoying it more now than I did at first, as I'm starting to understand and remember the routine. There are still times when I feel so very lost, but I've been mostly working with one lady who's very patient and kind and that helps a lot!

Anyway, just talking about being tired isn't going to take care of the problem, so I'll post this; say my prayer; and hop into bed. (The rest of my family was in bed already when I got home....)

I'll leave you with the quote from my daily calendar:

~"In difficulties, I can drink freely of God's power and experience His touch of refreshment and blessing--much like an invigorating early spring rain."

Anabel Gillham


Hannah said...

Good Night dear!
What a nice quote!
I am still working on my post, so I need to go!

Cora said...

So good that you're enjoying your job more! Yay!

About your comment: no, there is no such picture. I wanted one so badly at that moment that I wrote it down. I can't draw to save my life and I'm too shy to ask someone to take a picture of me. :-/


Rachel said...

Thank you for answering my question! :) goodness, that certainly seems like a lot of work. I hope you are still getting plenty of rest! ;) I'm glad you are enjoying it more, and that you are getting the hang of things. :) Don't worry about still feeling lost sometimes, I'm sure you are doing an excellent job my dear! :D Hugs! :D But I'm glad you have such a nice teacher to help you. :) They are the best kind to have around. ;)

I loved the quote about the rain you shared, that is so nice. :) Thank you for sharing! :D

Alright, I'll talk to you again soon sweetie! :D
Love and Hugs!
~Rachel P.~