Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is there such a thing as sleep-typing?

If so, than that is what I'm doing.... I guess I fell asleep in the comfy chair in the living room at the end of family prayer time and my dad just woke me up, saying if I stayed sleeping there, I'd probably wake up with a neck-ache, and so I'm so very sleepy and wish to head for bed directly, which is what I'll do.

I did just want to note here that it rained, or rather, poured during evening chores and, within an hours time, we had 2 more inches of rain--on top of the 70 hundredths we got last night. The air smells so Heavenly---what with the mixed scents of blooming lilacs, chokecherry blossoms, and fresh rain............. At least, that is what I imagine Heaven to smell like. ~


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

That has happened to me before!

Cora said...

I looooooooove rain... (Oh, right, I named my blog something about rain because I love it...)

Hope you got all rested up, my friend!

Hannah said...

:) I have done that a couple times before too :)
It is nice and sunny here today but we did get some rain a few days ago. I agree, it is SO beautiful to smell the rain and blossoms together. . . very Heavenly indeed!

I have not checked out the site address you gave me but I did go on the Bismark craigslist. I was surprised to see there was not a whole lot of things on there. I wonder why Northern Michigan has SO many things in every section? I thought this was funny, I went on 'free stuff' and there was an ad titled 'lol' I clicked on in and the only writing was the word 'nothing' :)
If I DO find a nice dog/puppy in ND, Grace said you will have to deliver it here :P

Hannah said...

Okay, Cora. If you don't mind (too much) I have a dog that I need delivered to me ASAP. He is identical to our dog that is "buried beneath the willows". here is the link:

So yeah, hope to see you soon!

P.S. your family is welcome to of course.