Friday, May 14, 2010

"Happy birthday Dad!!!"

What a sunny day it was today. :) The sunshine added nicely to the festive spirit of things...

My dad was gone cleaning grain for most of the day, so that gave us all plenty of time to get the house cleaned up and tasty food made and presents prepared!

  • For the big job of getting the house cleaned up after all the mud that had been drug in this week, it was mostly just mother and I, as the boys went over to the land we rent to get a load of hay. They had to move the tractor from one field to another, so it took them quite a while...

  • For supper, we had chicken enchiladas; mulled apple juice; Ritz cracker cookies; and angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. Yummy!

  • For presents, we had one big gift (the one I mentioned before), which was a new medicine cabinet for the bathroom! Our old ones' glass had cracked when a member of our family had left the curlers plugged in too long on the shelf of the medicine cabinet--the shelf being right in front of the mirror....

The old mirror: (It was off the wall already by the time I took this picture.)

Andrew took the time today to get the old cabinet down and the new one up in its place--wired and everything!

Mother helped get the new cabinet up in the right place:

All done!

We found that the double mirrored doors make for some really neat (and funny) reflections...
We made my dad a birthday card with the following pictures of Mother,
My camera and I (and Andrew a little bit),


and Jacob!
That was just some of the fun we've had with the mirrors already. Just in case you ever try such a thing as this, I thought I'd warn you that it can actually make you dizzy if you are looking into one side of the mirror and someone else starts moving it back and forth really fast... :)

When Dad got home around 9:30, we enjoyed our feast and gave him the gifts we had for him. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow of those.
It was a lovely day!
Oh, I also wanted to share the good news that Andrew and I took his 2 calves outside and found their mothers this morning, and both mothers readily accepted their babies back! PTL!


Anonymous said...

Mirror Fun!: This is great if you have the right kind of mirrors in the house. This farmhouse had none that I can remember... so we don't have a cabinet mirror, but in one of our homes we did and the children and I did what you did... like I said, "Its fun!" Your Dad is blessed to have your love.

Rachel said...

HAPPT BIRTHDAY to your Dad!!!!
What a nice looking mirror! :)

HAHAHAH and funny faces :D
Glad your Dad and you all had a enjoyable day!!!!

So glad to hear that the calves found their mothers!!!!!!!

Enjoy your day!!
God bless you all!!!!!!
Lots of love

Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Bornemann!!!

What fun pictures Cora :D We don't have mirror like that, but I think if we did we would most certainly take some pictures like that :)
That's strange the way it makes you dizzy.
Hope you all have a wonderful day today!

Rachel said...

Aww, happy (belated) birthday to your dad sweetie! :D Sounds like you all had a wonderful day! :)

HaHa! LOVE all those photos of you all in the mirrors! ;) The one that Andrew took was too funny...he reminds me of my brother Nathan. :) He likes to make funny faces in mirrors to. ;)

Love and Hugs!