Friday, May 7, 2010

I looked out my window this morning...

...and saw another surprise...

It had snowed overnight! Where did our springtime go to, I wonder?
All the wet and cold has been very hard on the little calves and we've already lost a couple of them. One is in the milk-barn tonight and we're not sure if he's going to make it or not. If you'd join us in praying for some sunshine so the calves can dry off, that would be great!

On a sunnier note... I've been wanting to write about my new "Pets" since Wednesday night, and I took some pictures of them today, so will post about them now...
Mother picked me up a pair of Swordtail fish, but the female was dead when she got them home. (Thankfully, there's a 5-day warranty on them, so I should be able to get a replacement......) The male is doing well and is a very colorful addition to my collection of wiggle-tails. :)
Mother also got me two more snails, as we're having a lot of algae growth and need more eaters. She bought one (Junior) that's a smaller version of the one I already have (Curious George)...
She also brought home a unique green snail!!! I haven't picked out a name for it yet--have any suggestions?

And now to tell you about Andrew's surprise from yesterday.......... (Yes, a couple of you did guess correctly what it was. :) )
The surprise was: two adorable baby goats (called kids)!

The white kid is a doeling and the brown one, a buckling. Mother enjoyed a little quite time with the little ones this morning...
Andrew, milking off the extra milk the kids didn't need...
More goats, enjoying their oats. (The white one is a buck, the rest are does.)
This picture was taken this morning in the cow-milking barn, and is of Andrew petting Mixie while Jacob looks on and Lady and Millie look jealous!
That's all the pictures I have to share for today.
I do have some interesting news though that I thought I'd pass along for those of my friends who are in ND or close by... I received an e-mail from a friend, saying that Majesty Bridal (in Bismarck) is pleased to announce that they are now open for business! Here's what they say about themselves:
" Our dresses at Majesty Bridal are pure elegance. The dresses are uniquely designed to set you apart as the most beautiful bride with styles that are both sophisticated and fresh. We bring to you an exquisite collection of wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mothers-of-the-wedding dresses, veils, tiaras, and accessories.

We look forward to helping you dress for the next special occasion in your life with "Pure Elegance".
As I looked at the gowns, I was pleased to see many modest ones! Here's the link to the website, in case you're interested in taking a look too:
And with that, I shall bid you good night and farewell.
May the Lord of love, peace and joy be with you always! Amen~


Hannah said...

Well, since you were so sweet as to leave me a comment, I have to do the same :)

More SNOW? Wow! I am very glad ours is gone for the season. It is cold here though and there is a CHANCE of snow tomorrow so we'll see-- I doubt it will amount to much!
Your new swordtail fish is so pretty! Hopefully you will be able to get another female.
Your snails are interesting too! I'll have to think about name suggestions!

Your little goats are so cute! I love their little floppy ears :)
The Majesty Bridal sounds like an interesting place.
It was fun when we went to all the bridal shops with my sister before she was married. She was only going there for ideas because she wanted to make her wedding dress with the help of a friend but it was still alot of fun!
Have a blessed day tomorrow (or rather today!) filled with the wonderful Love of the Lord!

Hannah said...

Oh my Cora! I though our family was the only one who has times when we are all laughing either at dinner or prayer time! The way you described it in your comment sounds just like us! That is funny!
Mama is the one who tries to keep a strait face at times like that but we all laugh all the more when the corners of her mouth start to quiver!
And then she will make some remark that goes along the lines of whatever we found funny but she will say it with the straightest face. Yes, I agree, families are great. I think why families are great is because they go through the toughest times together :) That's why we can be thankful even for those times as well as the great times!
Yes, David is right I MUST BE OFF TO BED!

Cora said...

Lovely, lovely snow! (I positively adore snow, although we only see it every few years)

I love fish, too. And the snails. Too. Cute. For the green snail, I'll suggest the name Juniper.

I, um, love the goatlings, too. I seem to be loving everything tonight! :-P They are precious!


P.S. Those bridal gowns are beautiful!

Rachel said...

I still can't believe you had snow! :O Wow! :D HeHe! I wish I could send you a plane ticket or some sun in an envelope so you could come and enjoy the warm weather we're having. :) I'll pray that it will warm up for you all even today! ;)

Aww, I love the names of your snails...too cute1 :D Hmm, can't think of one for your other one though. :( I am terrible with naming things. :) Lol!

Aww, what darling baby goats! :D Sooo cute! :D I wish I could come and pet them. ;) HeHe!

Oh, I agree about the dresses, how beautiful! :D They are some of the most modest wedding dresses I have seen! :D To bad they don't have a shop near DE. ;) HeHe!

I hope you have a blessed weekend dear and tell your mom Happy Mother's day for me! :)

Love and Hugs my sweet friend! <3<3

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
You have some of the sweetest friends--I just love them all and am sending a hug to Rachel of UDDERLY DELICIOUS. :)
Love always,

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

More snow? And you got alot! I think we are all done with snow. There was a little snow in Traverse though yesterday. Just a little coming down but not enough to stick on the ground.
Your new fish are very pretty. And the snails are cute!:)
Those kids are cute they look just like ours.
That is a nice picture of your mom
your milk stand is interesting. It looks like a good way to keep the goat standing still. You have very nice goats.
Thanks for sharing the new website I will have to check it out.
Thanks for sharing the pictures!