Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Onions anyone?

After chores this morning, I tilled up a little more room in the garden and planted another bed, consisting of 2 rows of red onions and 2 rows of beets. Then it was time to get to work on the noon meal and then get ready for work in town. (I just got home a few minutes ago...) Hopefully it will be a little warmer out tomorrow so I/we can spend a lot of time in the garden. :)
While I was outside, I took a few pictures:
The garlic we missed last fall, that was growing quite well now...
The onions we missed... (They must have been hiding under squash vines!)
What the garden looks like currently...

Hopefully we can keep all the animals out of the garden this year. I already have had to shoo Lady and a couple of chickens away. I think Lady will learn her limits, but am not sure about the chickens!

On the home-front, I'm not exactly sure what all went on, as my family was in bed by the time I got home, so I haven't gotten caught up yet. I do know my dad got hay home this morning; Andrew smoothed over where the rock piles used to be with the vibra-shank; Mother has the kitchen nice and clean; Jacob fed my fish; oh yes, and my dad said our non-GMO corn seed should arrive tomorrow... :)

Well, I'm winding down, now that I've sat down, so I should probably get to bed and get some sleep.

I hope you all felt God's love and protection today. I know I sure did and feel so blessed for the way I was raised as I hear more and more about what others lives were/are like.....


Cora said...

Wow... I think I'd be killed off in a second if I worked as hard as you seem to. :-/ Yay for you!


Rachel said...

Wow! You all have really been getting a lot done in the garden! :D It all sounds great! :D

I have been pondering about how blessed I am lately as well. I've had two comments in the past couple of weeks that were about my beliefs and asking some pretty tough questions. It's so sad and I hurt so much for these girls who seem so lost. :( They are Christians, but they just have such a worldly way of living...I wish there was more I could do than just try to give them suggestions and guidance (of which I feel very incapable to give any "advice" or encouragement that would be of value...It's only by the grace of God and His work that the letters would be of help to them...so I just keep praying for His work in their lives). :)

Love and Hugs!