Monday, February 27, 2012

Blizzard warnings again are in the air...

I wonder if anything will come of them?

I drove to Linton this morning to get Carol's (from FSA) signature on my calf check, then from there, I drove to Napoleon and paid off my operating loan with the a big portion of the money. It feels good to be able to pay your bills, doesn't it? :)

I put gas in Mom's vehicle and bought stamps at the post office, then realized that things had gone so well (I'd allotted plenty of time for possible bad roads) that I had a couple hours to spare before I needed to be working at the nursing home, so I drove home (15 miles) for lunch with my family. They were in the middle of a project when I arrived! They were reupholstering the dining room chairs and the 2 kitchen stools. They look so nice now!!!

Well, I just arrived home a little while ago, showered, and am very much ready to go to sleep, so I shall again say "Good night". We're getting company tomorrow, so Mom and I'll be getting up early to spend some time in the kitchen....

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