Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We're selling our calves---

----tomorrow in Napoleon. :) If you so desire, I think you can watch the sale by going HERE, clicking on the "Internet Auction" button, then scrolling down until you find Napoleon Livestock and pushing the button there. The calves will most likely be sold sometime in the middle of the afternoon or on into the evening. Sadly, I need to work in town, so will not be able to be at the sale, but the nice thing is that, every Thursday, several of the TVs are turned to the channel that shows the sale and so I might be able to see some of our calves sold if I happen to be in the right room at the right moment....

We sorted the calves this morning and loaded a couple loads before I left for work, then the others finished up this afternoon with loading and hauling. I hope it went well, although I don't know for sure, as everyone was in bed when I arrived home. I praise the Lord for granting us safety while working with those rather large animals!

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The K. Family said...

Those of us that stay home have enjoyed watching our cattle sell different times. Almost as fun as being there!