Sunday, February 12, 2012

I'm so thankful for my brother tonight!

I'm actually thankful for both my brothers, but tonight I'm especially glad to have Andrew in my family, as he posted my van on BisManOnline this morning and tonight it got sold! He was on the phone with the gentleman who wants it when I arrived home from working half a shift at the nursing home (Mom let me drive her car) a couple hours ago. This man owns an '01 Town & Country van also that the tranny just went out on, so he wants to buy my van and replace his tranny with mine---plus then he'll have extra parts for his van in case something goes wrong. He was especially excited about the heated seats! :) He didn't even try to get Andrew to back off on his asking price of $750.00, so I'll now have that money to stick into whatever other vehicle I find to drive. PTL!

I need to go to Helen's early in the morning again tomorrow, and this time I think I'll leave extra early so I can drive slower and be able to watch more diligently for deer!

Thank you for your prayers on my behalf! I have half my voice back today. :)

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