Saturday, February 18, 2012

Foosball fun!

It's been quite a long time since we've played Foosball, so we were a bit out of practice this afternoon when we headed down to the basement for at least an hour of fun! Dad, the boys and I played several games and were starting to get the hang of it again by the time we were nearly tired out. :) Then we went upstairs and played Rook with Mother, plus a bit of Rummy too.

We listened to a couple of Mr. Kevin Swanson's radio messages today and appreciated his thoughts. We also sang several hymns, which was much more pleasant this week than last, as this time I have my voice back---a useful instrument when it comes to singing. :)

My parents and Jacob did the evening chores tonight, so Andrew and I made our supper and looked through pictures he's taken with his new camera.

And that was our day----in a nut shell.

Oh, here's the new Prairie Day flier that a friend shared with me the other day. Can you find my family on the picture? How about George Washington?

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