Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colby cheese~

I attempted to make Colby cheese for the first time today!!! :) Now we just need to wait 6 months to know if it turned out well or not! Has anyone who's reading this ever made hard cheeses before? How did they turn out for you? What did you use for a cheese-press? I'll share a picture with you of my "System" when I load my pictures someday soon.

I also cleaned out my aquarium thoroughly (even boiled some of the rocks that had black fuzzies growing on them and soaked my bridge and fake plants in very hot water). I also baked and crumb-coated a cake that I'll decorate Thursday morning and take to my coworker who asked me to make it.

Dad and Andrew were busy in the shop most of the day and also fixed some fence. Mom and Jacob worked on schoolwork and tax work; laundry and dishes. Jacob was out in the shop all morning too.

Please pray for safety for us all tomorrow morning/afternoon, as we'll be sorting some calves and loading/hauling them to the salesbarn to sell on Thursday! Thank you.~

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