Sunday, February 26, 2012

A post on red, Ron Paul, and buttermilk pancakes...

Mother commented the other day that my brothers and I matched----and she had to get our picture. Here we are, all decked out in red and blue denim (we all had white socks on too, but sadly they don't show in the picture). :) Don't I just look tiny in-between those two giants?

The following pictures are ones that Andrew took with his new, high-quality camera.

I mentioned about a week ago how Mom and Andrew went to see and hear Ron Paul speak (they helped greet people too and passed out stickers and the like) at the Bismarck endorsing convention... Here are a few pictures for those who are interested:

Mr. Paul----one of my heroes! Don't you just love his country look? :)

This gentleman (posing with his wife) is another to whom I give my whole-hearted support:
His name is Mr. Paul Sorum and he is running to be Governor of our great state. As a side note, he and his wife home educate(d) their children! :) He is a man of integrity and believes in many of the same things Ron Paul does, (things like: God; adhering to the constitution of our country; and the like).

The smiling lady in the middle of this photo is also a Ron Paul supporter---aka: my mom!

The gentleman in the black hat in this picture is a huge Ron Paul supporter... is this young man in the white hat. :) These are the two friends Andrew went with yesterday and who he may go with again out to the eastern part of the state later this week....

Mother, Andrew and I spent our afternoon calling people from District #28, seeking out Ron Paul supporters. Our endorsing convention is this Tuesday evening in Wishek and we're trying to find people to come along and vote for us to be delegates or to be delegates themselves.....

But, that's enough politic talk for the time being! :)

I'll leave you with the picture Andrew took of me this afternoon as I mixed up a double-batch of buttermilk pancakes (minus the buttermilk, as we're out. I just put a little vinegar in the milk and it turned out fine).

I had decided to try out one of the hairstyles on a website my friend, MaryAnna sent me a link to (for Prairie Days ideas)... What do you think?

And now, I will wish you all a good night!

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Kimberly said...

Even before I read you mentioning the hairstyle I noticed it on your picture and thought, "I like Cora's hair!"