Friday, February 17, 2012

A clean house...

.........What a lovely feeling it is to have one!

After most of the cleaning was done, and the feast was prepared (roast with potatoes; freshly made fruit salad with whipped cream; freshly squashed orange juice; and cheesecake for dessert), Mom and I did a little redecorating in the kitchen. :) What fun! I'll try to remember to take a picture of what we did.

Also, this afternoon, one of our neighbors came over with a boxful of cake divider plates that she'd bought recently at an auction. She offered them to me at such a good price that I bought all 21 of them. :)

Let me see... What else went on around here today? Well, Dad hauled a load of hay home. Andrew fixed Jacob's (I guess it's his now) I-pod. I watered all the plants and discovered a bud on one of my dwarf fruit trees! We got our reimbursement check in the mail for the box of old records we received in place of the Pacifica fix-it manuals Andrew had ordered. I attempted to make Sweetened Condensed Milk without dry milk powder, which didn't turn out quite right, so our cheesecake is a bit on the soupy side of things. Mother's been researching the health benefits of "Oil pulling" recently, so she and I did that today. Oh, and we also watched a video/story of two long-time, North Dakotan lovers which can be viewed HERE!

And, I think that's about all.

Oh yes, we did watch a new movie tonight---an old, black and white film from 1941 which we thought would be good, but as it was just dumb, I won't even bother to tell you any more about it!

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