Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We went to Bis(y)marck!

Our morning started early, with my parents and I getting things together to go to Bismarck. Our first stop was in Dawson, as we needed to pick up our Azure order at 8:45AM. We saw a friend from SD there and Mom asked her to hop in our vehicle and visit while we waited for the truck (which ended up only being about a 5 minute wait).

After getting our healthy food and cleaning products loaded, we headed for the city (about an hours' drive from our farm). Mother had a pretty full days worth of sessions to do, so we dropped her off at her little office first thing.

Then, Dad and I drove here and there, getting paperwork together for taxes; renewing the semi license; mailing the cream separator we sold to a man in Canada; looking for machine parts; and then going to the dentist, as Dad had an appointment there. I knew it was going to take a while, so I sat out in the Pacifica (in the bright sunshine, with a warm quilt on my lap) and wrote 2 letters. Once my letters were completed, I started looking through the Azure Standard sales catalog and was busily reading there when someone knocked on my window! I looked up, a bit startled as my dad would have gone to the other door and knocked if I'd not noticed him, and here, it was one of my coworkers from Napoleon!!! :) We visited for a few minutes until Dad was done and came out. What a surprise!

Dad put some gas in the vehicle, then we noticed a Goodwill store that we'd never been in before, so (as we needed to "Kill" some time anyway) we stopped there and looked around. Can you believe that we didn't buy a thing there??? :)

At 2:00, we went and picked Mother up, as she had a couple-hour lull in her sessions and we all headed over to the ND Ron Paul headquarters to see if there was anything we could do to help there. We'd never been there before (the boys had, but not the rest of us) so Jared and Trevor gave us a quick tour. We visited for most of the time we were there, as they didn't have their newest calling lists in yet, although Mother did call 2 numbers and found 1 willing delegate in the process. :)

After taking Mom back to her office, Dad and I spent the rest of the afternoon driving around town, putting up posters for the next (John Birch Society) informational constitution meeting to be held next Tuesday evening at the public library. We put the posters up in both malls; a couple gas stations; the library; and a few grocery stores. While searching for the bulletin board in one grocery store, a couple walked up behind us and the woman said, "Hi Cora". Turning around, here I saw ANOTHER of my coworkers (another Napoleonite)!! What are the chances of that? I guess God just wanted to give us all a smile. :)

We went to Mom's office one last time at 6:00 and picked her up, then took her to a friend who does massage. While Mom got her relaxing treat, Dad and I headed for Menards to look at what kinds of clear materials they have for putting on the top of greenhouses (something sturdier than thick, flexible plastic like we used last year). We found some plexi-material that would work really well, but it is quite expensive, so we're not sure if we want to go that way or not? Hmmmmm.......

The boys, meanwhile, were at home, doing chores and fixing cars (and Jacob did some schoolwork too, so I hear). They're such a blessing.

I guess I really didn't do much while in Bismarck, other than keeping my dad company, but it was nice to get away for a change. I still like the farm scenery better than the city though! :)

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