Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It opened!

...and it smells so sweet! To be honest, I didn't keep very good track of which dwarf fruit tree was which when I transplanted them out of the greenhouse last Fall, so it will be a surprise fruit. :) Time will tell....

This afternoon/evening, I waxed my Colby cheese.

That's the funniest kind of painting I've ever done!

I sure wonder how the cheese will TASTE! Time will tell.....

As the Endorsing Convention was canceled due to a blizzard on its way, our company did not come and we spent the day working on taxes and paperwork.

I may have found the car I'd like to buy (on BisMan).... Andrew called the owner and spoke for the car, so it will either be mine (if I like it when I "Meet" it) or he will fix it up and resell it. Time will tell...

Our life is so exciting!

"Thank you Lord for interesting bends in our road each day!"

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