Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Peaceful times...

This morning was just lovely (outside and in) and peaceful. Everything just felt right...

I worked at the care center (nursing home) all afternoon/evening and all went well there too. I don't think I've ever shared a picture of NCC? Well, here is one I found on their website--showing the main entrance: They have really beautiful flowers all around in the Spring!

I praise the Lord for normal, regular, peaceful days!

Mom was busy today at home. Our guys probably didn't think this day was so lovely, as they spent the whole day in a dirty, dusty elevator, taking apart that other grain cleaner, but my day was----nice. :)


Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Cora,
Praise the Lord for giving you such a peaceful day yesterday--you deserve one!
May He bless you with just the kind of day that you need today as well.
Love always,

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Hey Cora, :) I'm so thankful you had a lovely day.

That is a beautiful entrance to the nursing home where you work. What a pleasant day it sounds like you had.

Prayers for many many more.