Friday, February 3, 2012

The grain cleaners are home!

After one more full, dusty day, the guys returned this evening triumphant. :) Next job on the list: Reassemble grain cleaners!

Mother and I had a very productive day at home, cooking and cleaning. We actually did more intensive cleaning than usual and got some messy areas put into a more orderly array of, well, things. We even had a few minutes to play duets on the piano while waiting for Dad to feed the cows! I had done the other chores earlier while Mom finished washing up the kettles and pans we'd used in our cooking/baking, but I don't feel comfortable feeding bales to the cows ( and Mom didn't want to either), so Dad hopped in the tractor right away when they got home at 7:30.

We are very much ready for a peaceful day spent here at home before another busy week gets here. May your weekend be blessed.~

PS. Oh, I was going to share this with you all too.... :)

Now wouldn't THAT be nice???


Kimberly said...

I always look forward to Sabbath. It seems we could use a few more during the week. Have a good restful one. Love, Kimberly

Dawn Bornemann said...

Wow, Cora, your papa and I have talked for decades about how nice it would be if someone would "Invent" a self-milking cow, but I never thought about a self-cleaning toilet. WOW--that would be awesome. Still, it wouldn't seem like Sabbath preparations were complete without cleaning the toilet. You know what I mean? That just makes the Sabbath even a little more special to have a clean toilet along with the rest of the house being "Spotless." ;)
How I love paying piano duets with you but also, it is a joy to hear you play your lovely piano solos! You're just a plain joy no matter what you're doing!
Happy Sabbath dear Cora!!!!

Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Oh gracious yes. :) Wouldn't that be nice!

We've seen some very inventive ones though, in the past... but none quite that elaborate. :)

Praying that you and your family are all blessed in a special way, Cora. Must get back to the family.

In Him, Carra