Thursday, February 2, 2012

It was another beautiful day in the neighborhood...

This truly has been the loveliest Winter I've ever seen!!! Dad commented at lunch today that it's the nicest one he ever remembers! What a blessing. It truly feels like Spring!

It was a busy morning here, with Mom and I putting together our Azure order (we try to only place one every other month, so have to make sure we get enough supplies to last us that long) and getting bank deposits written out, then helping Mother pack up her equipment so she could head to Bismarck. Once she was on her way, I placed our order; prepared lunch; got my clothes pressed for work; and then I was going to take a shower, but alas, there was no water, so I didn't... You see, all Winter long, we run a garden-hose from the water hydrant into the cows' water tank for most of the day. While that's running, our water supply in the house is about half-strength---just enough to run the washing machine, but not enough to run the dishwasher. When we wean the calves however, and they go to drink from their water fountain (and the hose is running in the other tank) we have a very small amount of water in the house---just a trickle, really. It makes life interesting and makes us appreciate running (pressurized) water all the more when we do have it! :) Pretty soon we'll be selling the calves, so then will have fewer water complications.

The fellas worked around the farm today, unloading the grain cleaner they brought home (it was in several pieces) and I'm not sure what else they did, but I'm sure they were busy. I worked in town at NCC (Napoleon Care Center).

Once again, it was a good day!


David said...

The bad part with having no snow is they say that we are going to have a several years of drought, which I don’t care for.


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Hey Cora,
I feel so blessed with the warm weather we've been having, here in SC too. I know we have much more moderate winters than y'all, usually, but this year the winter has been definitely like spring in so many many ways.

Our fear, perhaps somewhat like David's, is that here where we live, the summers are rather difficult, and the heat can be nearly unbearable at times. Without a winter, everyone is scared to think of what summer may be like.

But praise the Lord, we have a Mighty Lord, and Savior Jesus, Who controls the weather and our lives, in every one of the finest details. He loves and cares for His own, and we know we can trust in Him. Praise His Holy Name.

May you and your family be blessed.

Cora Beth said...

Yes, we too are concerned about a possible drought coming upon us, but we must leave this too in God's hands! For the time being, I rejoice in the lovliness of sunshine. :) I may soon be praying for rain?