Tuesday, February 21, 2012

'Twas a busy day!

I got up early and went babysitting at Helen's. Since she and her husband are supposed to return this evening, the children and I spent a good portion of the morning and afternoon making a "Welcome Home" banner for them----complete with lots of colors, scribbles, hand outlines, and stick people. :)

When I got home, Jacob and I made a double batch of cookies and cleaned the kitchen. Dad was hauling hay home again and visiting with our neighbor when he stopped in for quite a while. They talked politics, I hear. This gentleman/friend said he likes Ron Paul and what he stands for, "But he just won't win". Dad agreed, diplomatically of course, that, no, with that attitude, he won't win.... It's all simple logic: If we don't vote for the guy we really want, he won't win! We, the people, need to support the men we really want to be running this country and then they can stand a good sporting chance of winning--and WIN--of course, all with God's help and blessing!

Mom and Andrew went to Bismarck to hear Ron Paul speak this afternoon/evening. I had really wanted to go along with them, but it just didn't work this time. They just returned home about half an hour ago.

We spent part of the last couple hours chasing cows in, as the cow-feeder this evening had forgotten to close the gate behind him, and the cows took full advantage of the situation. Dad, Jacob and I thought we had them all in, but when Mom and Andrew drove in, they said there were still quite a few out by the back driveway. Thankfully, they went in pretty easily. Dad just went out now again, as he saw one more cow out. She must have been hiding in the trees?

That was our day! I'm so glad that tomorrow I get to stay home (unless God has other plans for my day, that is). :)

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Welcome home sweetie,