Friday, April 10, 2009

The end of a busy week~

~On the ninth day of blogging, my conscience said to me,
"You almost missed posting...
Wow, what a sunburn!
You've got to hurry,
Post something practical...
Will you share God's peace?
Can you share God's joy?
Are you waisting time,
And can you blog-and do it hum-bl-y?"

Friday is usually the busiest day of the week for us ladies, as we do our house cleaning then and cook up enough food to last us 'til Saturday night. Today, my mom & I made Chicken Enchiladas (with home-made tortillas) and cheese cake---my 2nd attempt at making a home-made graham cracker crust. The last time I tried making the crust, it rose so much during baking that there was more crust than there was topping! When I mixed up the dough today, I eighth-ed the recipe and it turned out just about right.

Today was a very special day in the life of Ella (one of the neighbor children whom I did a lot of babysitting for last year)---it's her 5th birthday! I got to see her briefly yesterday when we were down at the local farm/parts store in Kintyre for their Customer Appreciation meal and got a hug. Here is a picture of "My" little people that was taken in March. "Happy birthday, Ella!" I love you!

May you all have a restful weekend.~


Tessa Ligon said...

Sounds like you are a very busy woman. I have signed up for your blog and have loved reading what you guys have been up to. It is sure a great way to keep in touch. Your cheesecake sounds good, that is one of my family's favorite desserts. And I know the feeling about time flying because my oldest son, Isaac, turns 5 tomorrow. Hard to believe that he was born on Easter 5 years ago.

Cora Beth said...

Thanks so much for the comment, Tessa! I see that you started a blog too--neat! I'm going to tell my family... I like being able to stay in touch with friends AND relatives this way!
Happy birthday to Isaac and have a fun weekend! :)
Your cousin